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NAUPA File Encryption Utility

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NAUPA File Encryption Utility 

for Holders Reporting to Wagers Supported States

What is the NAUPA File Encryptor?

The NAUPA File Encryption Utility allows holders who create their NAUPA files in software packages other than HRS Pro to encrypt their files using the HRS Pro Digital Envelope (HDE) encryption standard. If your NAUPA file was created via HRS Pro or another software package that can output files with a .HDE extension, you will not need this utility.

*Download NAUPA File Encryptor Here*

In order for the utility to function properly, Administrative Rights are required during installation. If you encounter problems with the utility, the likely cause is an improper installation. In this case, HAVE A USER WITH DOMAIN ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS REINSTALL THE UTILITY.

In order to remain current, the utility expires periodically. The version posted 12/19/2017, will expire on 6/15/2018.