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Desktop Application

  1. The Desktop Standard Edition application of HRS Pro will retire on 6/15/2017. After this date Holders may use:
  2. a. the Web Standard Edition at no fee
    b. the Desktop Enterprise Edition if a desktop application is preferred
  3. As of 6/15/17 the Web Standard Edition application will limit each state report to 200 properties per report. If a report exceeds this limit the Web Enterprise Edition would be needed.
Please refer to FAQs with questions. If you cannot find your answer in the FAQs please email support at

The HRS Pro INSTALLATION must be performed by a user with Administrator rights. Please contact your IT Department for assistance if you do not have sufficient installation rights.

Before proceeding with the installation first read thru the Installation FAQ's and User's Guide.

Download and Install the Desktop application of HRS Pro Software for Holders to Report Unclaimed Property or use our newest HRS Pro Web application which is NOW AVAILABLE.

Type of Installation Added on Expires On Download Size

HRS Pro Installation 05/03/2017 6/15/2017 Click here to download HRS

(28,281,008 bytes)

To purchase the Enterprise Edition of the Desktop application click on Purchase: