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Download and Install HRS Pro Software for Holders to Report Unclaimed Property:

There are two editions of HRS Pro - STANDARD and ENTERPRISE. Note: these are the SAME SOFTWARE.

    Purchase of a REGISTRATION CODE from Xerox Finance & Revenue Solutions opens up the ENTERPRISE features.
    Click here ----> Enterprise versus Standard Features for comparison of features, and information on acquiring an Enterprise registration code.
HELPFUL Guide:-----> Step-by-Step Guide and installation info, in PDF format. See many other Helpful Guides and Tips below.

2 installs, FULL and UPGRADE are available. The UPGRADE is used when the version expires periodically (to ensure that the software stays current).

Type of Installation Added on Expires On Notes Download Links Size

Full Installation 05/19/2015 06/15/2015 First-time computer installed. Click here to download HRS

(19,365,208 bytes)
Update Only 05/19/2015 06/15/2015 Existing install (hrs_pro.exe and help updated)
Click here to download HRS

(15,024,216 bytes)
Installation Instructions:

Using "Windows Explorer" or " My Computer", navigate to the above file you just downloaded and saved, then double-click (with the left mouse button usually) on the file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. The filename will start with "hrs_pro_setup".

IMPORTANT Information:

FULL INSTALLATION must be performed by a user with Administrator rights. Please contact your IT department for assistance if you do not have sufficient installation rights.
    Click here to learn how to check for Administrator rights.
After installation, have the user run the HRS Pro software first, to verify that user rights are correct.

When changing from Standard local to Enterprise sharing for the FIRST time and setting up multiple computers
Install and configure the computer with the existing data FIRST; say YES to copy the data over to the empty network sharing folder that has been pre-prepared and user rights given; and then install and point the other computers to that network sharing folder.

SPREADSHEET TEMPLATE - Is now READ/ONLY. Use FILE, SAVE AS to a location you have rights to and Save the template as Excel .XLS (97-2003 or 5.0/95 version).

Please read thru the FAQs (Frequenty Asked Questions) on INSTALLATION, and USERS'S GUIDE (link below) first before proceeding with the download and install
    Click here to read important INSTALLATION and DOWNLOAD information


Click here for HRS Pro How To User Guide (step-by-step beginner's guide), PDF File type (1.68 MB, updated 11/24/2014).

Click here HRS Pro Help, PDF File type (1.72 MB, posted 11/25/2014), same as searchable help within HRS Pro.

It may also be very helpful to view Frequently Asked Questions, Newsletters, and Version Changes

California Remittance How To:

Click here to download the California Remittance How To in PDF file type (0.35 MB, posted 7/29/2008).

Adobe Reader Click here for Acrobat Reader (download it for free to read/download .PDF formatted files)