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Download and Install HRS Pro Software for Holders to Report Unclaimed Property:

There is now only one download for the installation. Data will not be lost by installing the latest version.

Type of Installation Added on Expires On Download Size

HRS Pro Installation 10/25/2016 12/15/2016 Click here to download HRS

(19,477,312 bytes)
IMPORTANT Information:

The HRS Pro INSTALLATION must be performed by a user with Administrator rights. Please contact your IT department for assistance if you do not have sufficient installation rights.

Before proceeding with the installation first read thru the Installation FAQ's and User's Guide.

The Standard and Enterprise Edition is the same download. By purchasing the Enterprise Edition it unlocks additional features. Click here to learn more about the Enterprise Edition.


Click here for HRS Pro How To User Guide (step-by-step beginner's guide), PDF File type (1.68 MB, updated 11/24/2014).

Click here HRS Pro Help, PDF File type (1.72 MB, posted 11/25/2014), same as searchable help within HRS Pro.

It may also be very helpful to view Frequently Asked Questions, Newsletters, and Version Changes.

California Remittance How To:

Click here to download the California Remittance How To in PDF file type (0.35 MB, posted 7/29/2008).