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What is HRS Pro?

HRS Pro is a proven software package recommended by many states to prepare an unclaimed property report in the required format. HRS Pro is specifically designed and tailored for each individual States unclaimed property reporting rules.
HRS Pro Desktop is currently the only available application. However, the new HRS Pro Web application will be available this month (Dec.). Below is a comparison on what is offered in both applications & editions:
Features of HRS Pro Standard Web Enterprise Web Standard Desktop Enterprise Desktop
Yearly subscription fee
Expires every 6 months
Expires once a year
Multi-user capability
Limited to 1 Holder or Company
Unlimited number of state reports
Supports ability to save data to CSV file
Direct Technical Support
Supports storage of data to centralized storage location
Will be discontinued 6/15/2017

**The existing HRS Pro Desktop version for the Standard edition will be discontinued on 6/15/2017 at which point the Enterprise edition will need to be purchased in order to continue using the desktop version. The Standard edition will only be offered in the web based application.**